A Failure’s Fortune

What do Babe Ruth, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs and Michael Jordan have in common?

Could you believe its that these are some of the biggest failures in the world?

Babe Ruth broke records for most strikeouts of all time and strikeouts per season.  Steve Jobs got fired from his own company.  Apple fired him and he wouldn’t be able to come back for a decade.  Thomas Edison tried to create an iron ore factory and failed more spectacularly than you could imagine.  And everyone knows that Michael Jordan couldn’t make his high school basketball team.

These people failed because they were all brave enough to take a chance.  Yet no one cares about their failures because they have succeed so astronomically.  Had Steve Jobs stopped after Apple fired him he wouldn’t be as well known today.  Do you want to know what he did after he was fired?  He started Pixar.  When he rejoined Apple in 1997 he became the first person in history to be the CEO of two Fortune 500 companies.


The lesson here isn’t that those people were special.  The lesson is they took much greater risks than anyone else.  How many people do you know would give up when they get cut from their basketball team?  How many people would swing more cautiously when they discover they have the most strikeouts in the MLB?  How many people would leave Apple to start an animation company?

A second lesson here the benefit of trying several different things as opposed to focusing on just one project.  A study by …….. looked at the greatest creative geniuses of all time.  They wanted to see what made them geniuses compared to your average person.  The study revealed the biggest geniuses didn’t make a higher quality project on average.  The difference was they simply tried more projects than anyone else.  The vast majority of their attempts were average, several were terrible and a few were spectacular.  They attempted so many projects that they appeared to the public to produce masterpiece after masterpiece.

What I learned:

What I took away from learning this.  I was always afraid to fail.  If I only have $1,000.00 I refused to invest it in anyway incase I made the wrong investment.  I never went to networking events incase I made an ass of myself.  I always played it safe.  I slowly grew towards where I wanted to go but I never made massive gains in my life. I was destined towards an average life.

When I discovered this I began to take chances.  I went to as many networking events as I could.  I came with several game plans.  None of them worked until I made my final new attempt.  I decided that I would only allow myself to do one thing at the events… focus on how I can help whoever I meet.  I would ask everyone I met about them.  What they do, what their life perspective is, what their biggest needs are.  If I believe I can help them I tell them, if I don’t I move on.

This increased my new clients by more than double.

I also decided to start different ventures.  Firstly I started a blog.  That’s right if it wasn’t for me finally deciding to take chances I would have never started a blog.  Now I know it’s a terrible blog.  But eventually with several attempts I’m sure it will turn into an average blog!

Anyways, thanks for reading and I hope this helps you in some way.  If it doesn’t just wait until my next post. I promise it will be better.

Book: The Best Place to Work by ….




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